Smart Solar Kiosk

The Smart Solar Kiosk (SSK) platform has only been on the market since 2016, however its potential is growing tremendously. The SSK is a business in a box solution designed to deliver key services to communities at the BOP.

  • Its primary service is charging small electronics, which is the entry point for the customer.
  • We also offer top-ups services such as airtime, prepaid electricity, or any electronic voucher available on the market.
  • But our latest addition is our intranet/internet service that is offered using our built in WIFI network within the kiosk. All these services are only possible through our SHIRIKI software.

The SSK’s utility lies in its mobility, each day the franchisee can set up shop in anticipation of high traffic areas. Unlike our competitors who must set up a stationary solar kiosk. Our flagship SSK platform opens daily in most high traffic areas, bringing its services directly to customers, rather than depending on the customers to come to the edge of the action.

Our SSK will incorporate an M2M system for monitoring of the hardware, WIFI internet/intranet access capabilities, and GPS sensor technology.The goal is to bring strategic value to our micro-franchisees, aggregators & corporate partners.

Its slick and unique design was not by accident, it is easy to operate and in addition, provides protection for the operator during the rainy season.