ARED SME is a customizable solution for organizations and business to effectively manage their wifi for greater efficiency.


ARED SME is a cloud based WIFI management system that allows individuals, businesses and organizations to manage their WIFI network from a single dashboard. The robust backend panel has the following capabilities:

Control upload and download bandwidth usage
Restrict visited pages
Set time limit for usage
Login through special tokens/codes
Configure data packages
Advertising solutions



Coffee Shops & Restaurants

WIFI has become a complimentary yet essential addon that eateries have been forced to add onto their menu.  ARED SME allows restaurants to gather intelligent data about their customers  in a non-intrusive way. Users are requested to provide their emails or phone number as a trade off to access free internet. This gives valuable data that restaurants use to evaluate and understand their clientele. Restaurants also restrict bandwidth usage making sure that some their patrons don’t get disadvantaged by heavy internet users.


Often misused, institutional internet is normally curtailed by a few heavy internet users that lock up others from using the resource for research and other things. ARED SME comes in handy by balancing the amount of bandwidth in terms of upload and download entitled to each user therefore ensuring everyone has an equal share of the piece.

Shopping Malls

In order to attract large traffic, malls are providing free internet.  Stores within the mall are able to advertise and attract customers by placing their ads on the wifi login pages therefore catching eyes of their potential clients. This often allows small stores create visibility that is often subdued by anchor tenants.

Step 1

Connect to the free wifi hotspot for registration.

Step 2

Enter Valid Mobile number to receive valid password to the

Step 3

User will receive password in the text messages.

Step 4

Enter pasword which user received in the text messages.

Step 5

User Logged in and will redirect to social pages for social

Step 6

User can able to access the internet after sucessfull login.


Completely cloud-managed hotspots across distributed locations managed from a single dashboard.

Custom Login Page

ARED SME allows you to customize the login page to match your branding. This for both the mobile and desktop view options.

Display Ads on the landing page

Reach your target audience using a gadget there always hooked to. On the landing page for
the access to your wifi, Ads can be placed which are controlled on the admin panel.

Authenticate Users

Using a radius server,users accessing your internet can be controlled using a radius server which allows use of tokens as a validation. This is ideal for places where WIFI billing is applicable.


Gain insightful analytics on wide range of areas such as bandwidth usage, number of devices ,billing reports among many others

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