First I would like to thank you for your interest in our SHIRIKI HUB platform. If you visiting this page, it mean you are interested in partnering with ARED and bring our technology in your respective country. GREAT NEWS. Our vision is to  build the largest smart distribution network of  key digital services and offline/online connectivity solution in low income people areas to create the 1st and only one STOP SHOP platform on the African market. We focus on Value added services, financial inclusion and of course offline and online connectivity and more. Please it is VERY IMPORTANT that you first review our some key points that will give you more information on ARED and the type of partnership we offer. If you like what you read and want to get started on building the most advanced distribution network in the market today, please click on the link above apply now.


Why A.R.E.D?

The antidote for Poverty is economic opportunities.
A.R.E.D’s goal is to offer the best green “Business in a Box” for people at the base of the pyramid in Africa to bring efficient distribution of key services. As the global population continues to increase, the unemployment issue among the youth is the number one cause of social distress, along with crime and massive migration. Technology is progressively making labor less valuable. More jobs are getting replaced by software or mechanical systems. There is a continuous decline in traditional job creation among the private or public sectors. In East Africa alone, around 30% of the youth is unemployed or under employed and that number
increases to 50% in slums.

Micro entrepreneurship is becoming the last stand to solve those issues, however, starting a micro business can be daunting. Lack of business knowledge, capital or which services/products to provide.

Our mission is to create the best and most efficient distribution platform in Africa by replacing the traditional agent model on the continent.

The customers of the kiosk will also benefit tremendously from our technology and business model. Our one stop shop approach will save the customer time and money. 

Our Core Values


It is imperative that we create an environment where all information and actions taken are openly accessible by all parties in the company.

High integrity

Do the right thing and be honest.


Consistently looking for innovative ideas to uplift and empower people at the base of the pyramid.


There is no success without clear and open communication.


First our franchisees/customers, second our employees, then our shareholders.



 We work closely with our partners on maximising their profit and working towards their success. This type of consultancy work does not come cheap and we are pleased to provide this as part of our service. We utilise qualified staff available to assist you in running and developing your business, we also have a comprehensive support site available offering a full blueprint for running your practice. Our training last 7 days.

All of the Support Centre staff are on hand if you need to talk through any issues or queries. One of the main support functions that is available to you as part of the franchise package is the technical helpdesk. This is manned from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. As technology progresses the reliance placed on our IT increases which is why we spend a lot of time improving our skill set and keeping an edge on our competitors. Access to our SHIRIKI software system is provided as part of your franchise fee and ARED will be responsible for the installation and updates of their software, at no charge to you.

We developed a one stop shop solar kiosk platform that includes charging
services, virtual top ups, and an internet/ intranet platform within the kiosk that
will allow anyone to access digital content from our built-in server within the
kiosk without having any data plan on their phone. It is a revolutionary concept.

We are the only kiosk that provides connectivity access using our intranet system.
Our state-of-the-art back end system provides strong analytics through our
SHIRIKI Hub platform.

We develop a unique business model to maximize not only our revenue stream
through the micro franchise and area developer model, but also have a strong
social and economic impact for the communities we will be serving.
Our Partners have a choice between licensing the technology or franchising. For Licensing, the partner use his or her brand, and want to capitalize on an existing agent network on the ground.
For franchising, the partner will be using ARED brand and adopt our business process.

You gain exclusive rights to operate the business in your country which will give
you an edge in the market place.

There is 3 Revenue streams that you can generate from our platform:
1. B2C: By selling digital services such as airtime, mobile money, internet access, government services and share that revenue with the kiosk operators.

2. B2B: Revenue from digital advertisement, or data collection through survey using our WIFI platform.

3. B2B: Data collection, selling data to government of private companies.

How is Revenue Generated?

Our revenue is in direct correlation with the number of services and number of kiosks on the ground. Of course the more services offered, the more clients you have on adverts, surveys and others, the higher your revenue.

The estimated number of kiosks will vary based on the size of the country. For example in Rwanda we estimate that we will have 500-600 solar kiosks nation wide, in Uganda however, we estimated 3000 to 5000 solar kiosks.

Of course as you develop your market research, you will have a better estimation of the revenue potential you can generate with our business opportunity.

We do not pretend that these are easily achieved – it requires real effort and enthusiastic following of our business model – but that level of success can be achieved and in some cases exceeded. Full business planning support is provided to help you gain an understanding of what could be achievable for you.

Revenue sharing structure between the different parties:
1.Revenue is generated B2C through the sales of services such as airtime, mobile money, electricity, taxes or any other services offered on that country.

2. Revenue is generated B2B through the sales of digital and audio advert, data collection, or any other service provided on our WIFI network.

3. Data analytics from which digital content been consumed, services sold, etc.

Revenue Simulator


Instructions:Please fill in
only the white columns

Micro franchise monthly payment is to cover maintenance of the kiosk, should not be more than $5 a month.Please input the amount for one kiosk the system will automatically calculate based on number of kiosk you enter.For airtime, TV subscription, electricity token, and insurance, those companies paid a commission from the total sales.For salaries it is important for the applicant to estimate how many of those employee they will need.

Initial Investment

Franchise/license fee: $0
Training fee: $5000
Pilot budget: $100000
Total investment: **$105000

**Excludes shipping cost and customs. Expenses differ on multiple issue such as country size, number of kiosk for the initial pilot. This investment was calculated for 20 kiosks and a staff of 3. 

Partner Profile

The partner need to first chose between two key models: FRANCHISE MODEL or LICENSING MODEL.

The overall responsibility of the partner will be in charge of developing his or her market in a specific country.  The different roles splayed between ARED and the partner is subject to negotiation.
It is imperative ARED select the right person/organization for the task.

ARED partnership criterias

  • A social impact driven person or organization, with business acumen who is motivated and with great communication skills
  • A registered company in the country of operation with at least 3 years in business, tax certificate stating no tax are owned by the partner.
  • Applicants should have successful experience in promoting & distributing products and services of relevance
  • Applicants should be able to secure and maintain resources of various types, including but not limited to:Office space | Financial credit worthiness
  • Applicants should have an extensive business network with telecoms, banks, NGOs, government, etc.
  • Applicants must secure an appropriate number of qualified team members as employees to manage its operation with good overall knowledge of recruiting and training at the base of the pyramid.
  • The partner should have access to funding for the purchase of the solar kiosk and business operations
  • Three business referrals and recommendations.

Running a franchise requires hard work and commitment. We provide the systems, the business model and the experience to run the business well but the model also relies on you to make it work by introducing your own personality, energy and initiative.

Application Approval Process

Detailed Approval Process:

The first step is to fill out a profile application process that includes basic information
such as name, company to allow A.R.E.D to know more about you and your country of interest and evaluate if we are a match.

A more detailed application will follow to highlight the team, financial capabilities, business networks, viability, etc. We also recommend that the interested party visit our facility in Rwanda to better understand our business, technology and the different impact potential.

Submit a detailed market research to better understand the market potential, financial analysis that will be required to do this project, demographics, competitor activities,
services to be sold, potential corporate partners…. (the research questionnaire will be
provided by A.R.E.D).

A brief business proposal & marketing strategy will have to be developed to analyze the approach that will be used to penetrate and expand on that market.

A contract will be put in place and signed, then the payment of the license/franchise fee
included the royalty fee will be collected.

on the ground.


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