Our team


Henri Nyakarundi
CEO & Founder
Henri has led the ARED team in developing and launching ARED’s flagship Mobile Charging Kiosk, and he manages the company’s plans for expansion
Erick Yong
Business Development
Erick is a strategic thinker with a comprehensive track record of launching and scaling up new business concepts and is a specialist for international marketing strategies.
Thomas Festerling
CEO & Founder
Thomas is a specialist in financing & investor relations, with more than 10 years of financial experience and a comprehensive network within the financial industry.
Jonas Tubemaso
Technical Maintenance
Jonas is in charge of all technical maintenance in the field, and brings over 3 years of expertise in solar power and electrical systems.
Oliver Klein
Oliver is an experienced expert in digital software development and digital marketing. He is responsible for the software and hardware development and coordinates the various technology providers.
Nasser Kanesa
Chief Marketing and Business Development Manager
Nasser is in charge of product development for the services to be added on our MSHIRIKI mobile platform, as well as coordinating ARED’s different partners.

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