The solar kiosk uses USB plug technology which works the same way regardless of the source of energy. It takes the same amount of time.

We do not use booster technology. Any technology that uses booster system to speed a charge will reduce your battery cycle. Basically your battery will have to be replaced sooner.

No you do not. For most of our programs we finance the kiosk unless the aggregator prefers to purchase but the software will still have to be licensed.

SHIRIKI is a Swahili name that means“participate, to take part of”. Our mobile platform will allow people at the base of the pyramid to participate in the mobile revolution business of delivering any key services to the customer, the end user to access all the digital content that the SSK offers and our staff to manage and monitor our equipment and franchisees.

No you cannot. The key of our business is to find an aggregator to help us develop a market. We have invested a lot of money on technology and business model and selling the kiosk is not part of our business model.

It really will depend on a few factors:how big the market is, how involved you would like to be, the size of the team you will need to recruit etc. The budget will come after the negotiation is finalized and an agreement is signed.

That is part of the market research the aggregator has to do prior to starting the business. We offer services on the kiosk from charging phones, airtime, mobile money, internet/intranet. So, gathering data of the spending power of customers and commission structures of the different companies of your country will help you develop an estimate of the revenue potential.