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About Us

Founded in January 2013 by Henri Nyakarundi, ARED offers an innovative approach to develop tailored solutions for the African market.

Our first platform was a business in a box solar kiosk to address increased unemployment in Africa, a challenge the continent is facing today and will continue to face in the future. In recent decades, Africa has proven its receptiveness to creative technological solutions to long-standing problems. Countries across the continent are improving infrastructure and telecommunications systems, to match the Western world, and the people of Africa welcome innovations that aid in that process. However, much needed work has to be done on a micro level.


In East Africa, 30% of the youth are unemployed or under-employed, 1.5 billion people live in communities that arenot connected to the electricity grid at the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP), and less than 15% of the people have access to internet. However, the demand for better energy and quality services is growing. According to the World Bank, the BoP is globally the largest socioeconomic population segment (4 billion people) with annual incomes below US$3,000.
With its population doubling in the next few decades, the African continent has to find key solutions for its young population or face serious social unrest.


ARED’s business in a box solution is able to create income generating solutions for people at the BoP, as well as provide much-needed support to the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry, laying down a path of a reliable distribution platform for electronic vouchers, mobile money & internet to urban and rural areas. While ARED fully supports the development of East Africa, its founder recognizes the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of doing so. He believes that an increase in the overall quality of life in East Africa should be accompanied by a decrease in wastefulness.

ARED’s Smart Solar Kiosk greatly increases the ability of the people to communicate with friends, family, and businesses without any toll on the environment. The goal of ARED is to use clean, reliable energy to produce positive social, environmental and economic impacts.


ARED’s mission is to develop the best business in a box solution to bring real business opportunities for the people at the low end of the spectrum using the best support and training programs to maximize their chance of success.


Transparency: It is imperative that we create an environment where all information and actions taken are openly accessible by all parties in the company.

High integrity: Do the right thing and be honest.

Purpose driven: Consistently looking for innovative ideas to uplift and empower people at the base of the pyramid.

Communication: There is no success without clear and open communication.

Culture: First our franchisees/customers, second our employees, then our shareholders.

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