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If they should franchising there is another additional question to add on the candidate profile.

Candidate profile

Request basic info personal and company detail then

Questions Yes No
Do you have experience in managing and/or building distribution network at the base of the pyramid (BOP)
Does your company has B2B or B2C marketing experience
Does your company has a strong relation with telecom companies
Does your company has operational for 3 years or more
Is your company officially registered and has a business trading license
Do you have good knowledge of local market, laws and customs
Are you willing and able to pay for the license/franchise fee
DO you have knowledge or access to technical support network to support agents and maintain the kiosks
Are you willing to take ARED branding and operational process (that one only added if they choose franchise)
Do you have at least 100K to develop a pilot project
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Interview questions -

  1. What are your company values and mission?

  2. Why are you interested in partnering with ARED

  3. Have you ever build a distribution channel of selling product or services ?

  4. What is your company capacity such as number of staff, management structure etc.. ?

  5. Do you have access to a warehouse, office space, transportation?

  6. Give me more information about your current company and your future goal of where you want to take it ?

  7. Give me more detail about your staff experience or qualifications?

  8. Have you worked with telecom companies before and in what extend?

  9. Can you explain in short what you believe ARED business does?

  10. Do you have access to funds in order to cover the costs of recruiting micro-franchisees, as well as sufficient working capital to sustain yourself during the initial phases of the business? If not where will you be acquiring funds from??

  11. Can you share some ideas on how you plan to recruit micro entrepreneurs that will operate on the kiosk?

  12. How would you motivate micro entrepreneur to perform well?

  13. What is your ideas of monitoring of a micro entrepreneurs on the field?

  14. When was the last time you made a huge error in your business and what was the error?

  15. What was the last really last tough decision you had to make and what was the results?

  16. Which area do you plan to start with the pilot and how many kiosk would you plan to start with (Between 20 and 50)

  17. Which area do you plan to start with the pilot and how many kiosk would you plan to start with (Between 20 and 50)

  18. Interview questions part 2

  19. Do you have license/permit to operate VAS, WIFI network etc..? If not when do you plan to apply for it?

  20. Do you have the capability to set up an assembly location for the kiosk or you would prefer for the kiosk to arrive fully assemble?

  21. Do you have any issue to be audited by ARED on a monthly or quarterly basis?

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Business Proposal Template -

The business proposal is used to help both ARED and the potential candidate to evaluate the compatibility of the two companies, viability of implementing the ARED model in the applicant’s local area, and identify what level of support is needed to adopt and implement the ARED model.

  • Values alignment: Explanation of alignment with ARED’s mission, vision, and impact.

  • Local Market

    • Local operations: Where master franchise plans to operate.

    • Market demand i. Demographic data to back up the need ii. Demographic data to show local market of micro franchisees

    • Competitors: Analysis of competitors in the area and where the ARED model has advantages over these competitors.

    • PESTLE: Analysis of local Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. This should specifically require legal and regulatory considerations and how the company is currently compliant with these regulations and will be compliant when running the ARED model locally.

  • Personnel

    • Leadership: Bios of those within the company that will be driving this initiative forward.

    • Staff: Explanation of staff within the company that will be supporting in developing the ARED model locally.

  • Recruitment strategy: Description of strategy for recruiting both aggregators and micro franchisees locally.

  • Existing partners or relationships: List of existing relationships with private and public sector stakeholders (including NGOs) and trade organizations.

  • Finances: Forecasted budgets for starting and running the ARED model locally, and an explanation of how these costs will be covered by existing or new income sources to ensure the company has the potential for financial sustainability in the long run.

  • Equipment and facilities in area: An outline of the necessary equipment and facilities that the applicant currently has available, or plan for acquisition.

  • Marketing and branding: A general plan for how the maser franchisee will adopt the ARED branding guidelines and promote the ARED brand locally.



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