ARED’s Mobile Solar Kiosk (MSK) provides a one-stop shop destination for mobile users. The solar-powered charging station offers low-cost mobile phone charging and mobile money transfers, as well as mobile phone, electronic airtime sales and in a near future WIFI hotspot location. Mobile phone users no longer need to make several stops to buy a phone, charge it, load it with airtime, or transfer money to friends or family—ARED’s portable MSK brings it all to them! Our micro-franchise model allows current entrepreneurs to supplement their income, or new entrepreneurs to get their start. Come see our flagship MSK at Nyabugogo market!



Founded in 2012, ARED seeks to provide stable and reliable energy solutions to rural and urban areas in East Africa, employing innovative technologies like the Mobile Solar Cell Charger (MSCC) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

In recent decades Africa has proven its receptiveness to creative technological solutions to long-standing problems. Countries across the continent are improving infrastructure and telecommunications systems, to match the Western world, and the people of Africa welcome innovations that aid in that process. ARED’s service provide a much-needed support to the rapidly expanding telecommunications industry, laying down a path of reliable electricity to urban and rural areas for the mobile market to follow. While ARED fully supports the development of East Africa, its founder recognizes the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of doing so.  He believes that an increase in the overall quality of life in East Africa should be accompanied by a decrease in wastefulness. ARED’s Mobile Charging Kiosk greatly increases the ability of the Rwandese people to communicate with friends, family, and businesses without any toll on the environment. The goal of ARED is to use clean, reliable energy to produce positive social and economic impacts, without tearing up Rwanda’s beautiful hills or relying on fossil fuels. The Rwandese people need reliable electricity today and a clean source of energy for the days to come. ARED accomplishes this goal by:

  • Using high-efficiency CSP technology
  • Employing technologies with low- or zero-carbon foot print
  • Eliminating damage to Rwanda’s terrain and air quality
  • Extending reliable energy to rural and remote areas
  • Minimizing energy waste with a product that conforms to local demand
  • Facilitating communications between businesses and consumers

A.R.E.D. is not the solution in this energy crisis but one solution of many. ARED firmly believes that a combination of clean energy solutions and a forward-thinking mentality is required for Africa to achieve sustainable energy production. Our CSP technology will help generate thousands of kilowatts of electricity and eliminate thousands of pounds of CO2 from the environment, but others must invest in clean technology as well.


Herny Nyakarundi (Rwanda) - ARED founder/Project manager

team-img1Henri has led the ARED team in the testing and launch of ARED’s flagship Mobile Charging Kiosk, and manages the company’s plans for expansion. Over the course of founding and developing trucking and construction businesses in the United States and Burundi, Henri brings to the table a deep knowledge of distribution networks and a proven entrepreneurial spirit.

Jarek Perczak (Poland) - Art and Construction Design, Lead Design and Engineering

moje-foto-300x288Jarek designed and built the ARED MCK prototype and will continue to be the lead designer and engineer, improving and upgrading the MCK through the testing phases.Jarek is an engineer with 15 years of experience in molding engineering and the auto industry, and provides freelance work to startup companies.

Ayana Gabriel (US) - Couva Consulting, Director of strategy

team-img2With 10 years of experience in the education and non-profit fields, Ayana provides long term strategic consulting for ARED and sources public and private investment for the company. She currently develops strategy for Couva Consulting.




product2Charging kiosks for phones have been around for years, but they have failed to evolve with the mobile phone and its user. The kiosks currently available in Rwanda are makeshift at best, using non-commercial power strips that depend wholly on the unreliable electrical grid of Kigali. Rural areas without stable electricity lack charging kiosks all together.

Enter ARED’s Mobile Solar Kiosk (MSK). The MSK provides a professional and modern appearance that naturally draws attention and lends credibility to its charging services. Rather than a plywood table with old power strips and broken chargers, the mobile phone user is greeted by a sleek solar-powered machine with functional adapters for almost any phone on the market.

product2 The MSK’s utility lies in its mobility—each day the franchisee can product1set up shop in anticipation of high traffic areas. Unlike our competitors who must set up shop within reach of power outlets, the MSK franchisee is free to roam. Our flagship MSK opens daily in the middle of Nyabugogo market in Kigali, bringing its services directly to customers in the high traffic areas, rather than depending on the customers to come to the edge of the action.

product3 This mobility also allows ARED to provide a vital energy source in rural areas that lack dependable electricity, if they have any at all. While 45% of households in Rwanda own at least one mobile phone, only 16% of households are connected to the electrical grid. ARED plans to bridge that gap by recruiting franchisees in small villages and remote areas.

product3Equipped with two retractable 40-watt solar panels, a large battery to store energy for after dark, and a hand crank for manual charging, the MSK is fully prepared to power your mobile device—day or night, rain or shine. Our engineer has constructed the MSK to handle rough roads, with all terrain tires and equipment to haul the unit with a bicycle.



Our Mobile Solar Kiosks (MSKs) follow the flow of consumers in markets, stadiums, and transportation hubs, so your advertisements will constantly and consistently remain inches from families, young people, business people, and other vendors. Advertising on just one MSK allows a company to reach thousands of consumers each day.

Targeted marketing

The MSK stands in the middle of the target market—literally. Every single customer that comes to the MSK owns a mobile phone, which makes co-branding with ARED an easy decision for companies in the mobile market or telecommunications industry. ARED’s branding partners will enjoy knowing that their advertising provides pure contact with their target market: mobile phone users.

Strategic Partnerships

Establishing a vending partnership with ARED allows companies to take full advantage of this contact with target consumers. ARED’s customers will not have to wait to buy the advertised product–whether it be a mobile phone, airtime, or a mobile money transfer, they can purchase directly from the MSK operator. If advertising on the MSK serves as the lure for customers, a vending partnership is the hook to catch them.

Dynamic Ad Space

For no additional cost, advertisers can update and replace promotions on the MSK to maintain a fresh and dynamic image for consumers. This makes promoting seasonal products and promotions simple and inexpensive.


Why choose ARED?

The Mobile Solar Kiosk presents a fantastic opportunity for those aspiring entrepreneurs looking to be their own boss, but cannot afford to open a brick and mortar shop.  With low startup costs and the potential for unrestricted profits, the MSK is a great start. The owners of existing businesses also benefit from the simplicity of ARED’s franchise structure, and use the MSK as a way to generate supplemental income with minimal effort and cost. ARED aims to expand rapidly in Rwanda and the East African Community, but still remains fully committed to franchisees. In addition to our simple business model, we offer our comprehensive trainings, full technical support, and a franchise agreement that benefits the franchisee, not just the owner. Interested in becoming a Master Franchisee for your country?

Let us know if you’d like to open up an untapped territory for ARED! CLICK HERE!



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