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ARED Unique Business Model

ARED SHIRIKI HUB platform provides a one-stop shop destination for mobile users in rural and semi urban areas. Building an integrated distribution channel of key services such as airtime, mobile money, intranet/internet etc… for people at the base of the pyramid by adopting a micro franchise model is the key to solve the unemployment issue among the youth and vulnerable communities. Our system can be easily implemented anywhere on the continent with minimum infrastructure combine with our proprietary software and mobile platform. A micro-franchisee start making money as soon as the kiosk is on the ground.

Our Impact So Far


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The Network of the Future

The proliferation of hand-held devices (e.g phones, headset, PDA, laptop, camera, gaming devices etc) has given rise to a new kind of network commonly known as personal area network (PAN) or proximity network that is open, inclusive, and has a strategic focus.. ARED provides a network of proximity offering an alternative to traditional internet that is expensive for people at the base of the pyramid. ARED network is independent of any infrastructure, with no constraint or bound to a specific location or place, we can form it anywhere and anytime.

Imagine the possibility of configuring on the network voice of data transfer. These unique properties of proximity network give end-users the freedom to connect anywhere anytime to any device without any assistance. We are Focusing on two key metrics to make our business successful.

Social impact Metrics 

Develop a strong business in a box platform by delivering key value added services such as airtime mobile money, prepaid electricity, internet/intranet and more more…. so that our micro franchisee can maximize their revenue on the kiosk. All revenue generated on the solar kiosk is shared with the micro franchisees. Our purpose is to create a one stop shop platform to allow the end user to get all their service need at one stop.

Digital impact metrics

We are also using our solar kiosk open WIFI platform on which other players could provide content like iPhone App Store and iTunes to bring together “producers” of digital content and end users in high-value exchanges in which the chief assets are information and interactions. These interactions are the creators of value, the sources of competitive advantage at no data cost to the end user using our proprietary software/hardware.

As the number of producers increases so will the number of users. This will create the “network effect”—a process in which the value snowballs as more production attracts more consumption and more consumption leads to more production.

Just as malls have linked consumers and merchants, newspapers have long linked subscribers and advertisers. What has changed is that technology has reduced the need to own expensive infrastructure and assets and made it significantly cheaper to build and scale digital platforms.

The goal is to expand the ecosystem in a circular, iterative, and feedback-driven process by facilitating greater interactions between producers and end users and improve effectiveness and efficiency by optimizing the ecosystem itself.



End-to-end business solution
with a social impact.


VAS Services

Our M SHIRIKI Mobile platform solution allows micro franchisees to resell key services to the end user such as airtime, mobile money, prepaid electricity, internet and more…. The micro Franchisees pre-purchase the services from ARED, resells it to the end user and earn a commission on all the sales.
Our Mobile platform is easy to use, and facilitates business for people at the base of the pyramid.


Our internet solution allows any user with a WIFI enable phone to access our solar kiosk network. For a small fee, he/she can access the internet WIFI network and determine how long they want the internet for. Our partnership with telecoms & ISP companies will allow us to offer the most affordable pricing to the end user. ARED will be able to monetize the platform and develop targeted media marketing solutions for our corporate partners.



Our intranet proprietary solution was design to give access to LOCAL digital content for free at NO DATA COST to the end user. Imagine a system that can deliver any type of localize digital content such as (educational, news, health and more….) to the end user. Our Business partners can also get access to our network for key campaigns, surveys.and our analytical system to collect key data information to benefit their bottom line.


Micro Franchise Loan

Our ARED Micro Loan solution allows micro franchisee to have a start-up capital to purchase the services that will be sold on the kiosk &keep a positive float to continuously serve their customers based without any interruption. Most women micro entrepreneurs do not have the Start-up capital to start a business; therefore, ARED has decided to put in place a lending structure that will allow the micro franchisee to generate sales immediately from the time they start the business and create a win-win situation for both the micro franchisee and ARED.

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